Please Note:
Due to an increased number of requests we are fully scheduled through the summer and have placed a hold on new patient scheduling. As a result, we cannot accept any requests for new appointments until after September 1, 2022. At that time we will schedule new patient appointments as we have the ability to do so. If you would like to submit a request now to be seen in the Fall please be aware that our response time may be somewhat longer than usual. Please contact the office with any additional questions or concerns.

Thank you for your interest in scheduling an appointment for therapy or an assessment.

If you are seeking an assessment for ADHD, it is a process that typically takes place over about five sessions, the majority of which will be conducted via telehealth through Google Meet. The assessment consists of an intake, interview, testing sessions (between two and three), and a feedback appointment, where the clinician who conducts your assessment will review the results with you. There is one in-person computer assessment that takes place in our Amherst office (Covid-19 protocols followed). If you are seeking an assessment other than for ADHD, the plan for the assessment will be discussed in your initial appointment.

If you are seeking therapy, you will be scheduled for an initial appointment, typically with the person you will be working with. At that time, background information and the reasons you are seeking therapy will be discussed. Based on your concerns and the appropriateness for treatment, a plan for treatment will be developed.

To get started with scheduling an appointment for therapy or assessment, please complete the information request form.. Any requests submitted with missing information CANNOT be processed. Please allow up to 3-5 days for initial contact once you have submitted your information. There is patient portal setup and paperwork that must be completed prior to scheduling your intake. In addition to our standard forms, if you have had a previous assessment or other information relevant to your request that you would like to provide, you may do so. Please discuss how to send this information with the Intake Coordinator.

Appointments are scheduled on a first come, first served basis based on completion of all paperwork and prepayment being made (when applicable). As we are currently providing most services through telehealth, please be aware that all parties must be in the state of Massachusetts during telehealth sessions.

We accept the following insurances:

* Blue Cross Blue Shield
* Health New England (limited provider availability)

* Optum
* United Behavioral Health
* United Healthcare
* Cigna
* Wellfleet
* Unicare
* Aetna

We do NOT accept: Tufts, Masshealth, or Medicare.

Financial Information:
* We also accept out-of-pocket or self pay assessments for those without insurance
* The cost of an assessment depends on many factors, including copayment amount, deductible amount, coinsurance for out of network plans, and uncovered services
* Anyone with a deductible portion due, or out-of-pocket cost associated with their assessment must make a prepayment prior to your intake appointment being scheduled.

Please Note:
* All educational testing (such as for dyslexia, learning disorders or standardized testing accommodation requests) is NOT covered by insurance and would be out of pocket

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