Join Our Practice

The Haffey Center has provided services for 15 years to the Western Massachusetts community. We are known throughout the region for our expertise in attentional issues, our skilled and caring approach towards clients, and our ability to provide ADHD assessment and treatment that is both high-quality and accessible. As a result, we consistently receive a higher number of referrals and requests for our services than we can provide, and we are frequently seeking additional highly motivated and skilled clinicians interested in practicing in the area of ADHD.

Our practice model allows members of our staff to enjoy many of the benefits of private practice, such as a flexible work schedule, while also experiencing the benefits of working in a collegial environment with other dedicated professionals. We also provide a high level of administrative, clinical, and physical support for clinicians at the Center to alleviate many of the distractions and challenges of an independent practice. If you have an interest in furthering your career in this type of professional environment, please contact Dr. Mark Haffey at Please include a CV and a brief statement regarding your interest in the Haffey Center.