What is Cogmed Working Memory Training?

We are pleased to offer Cogmed Working Memory Training, a software-based intervention designed to improve working memory in children, adolescents and adults. This unique training program was developed at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden by game developers working closely with psychologists and medical researchers. It consists of active and engaging working memory exercises that automatically increase in difficulty as the participant improves. Unlike other software-based programs, we provide personal coaching during the training by monitoring results, and providing encouragement and feedback.

Cogmed training What is Working Memory?

We use our working memory every day to remember what we should do next, to solve problems, and to pay attention. Working memory is the ability to keep information in our mind for a short period of time, while using it to carry out a task. People with working memory problems find it difficult to stay focused, to plan, to remember instructions, and to start or finish tasks. Studies show that a deficit in working memory often leads to difficulties with reading comprehension and math.

What are Indications of Working Memory Deficits?

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What Conditions are Linked to Working Memory Deficits?

What Happens During Cogmed Working Memory Training?

cogmed trainingTraining is typically done at home. Children and younger adolescents benefit from daily support with a training aide, usually a parent who participates in each training session. Older adolescents and adults usually train independently. Training takes five weeks, 30-45 minutes a day, five days a week. We, as coaches, consult with you at the beginning of the program to describe exactly what is involved and help you develop a training schedule that best meets your needs. We have online access to your training results and will monitor your progress, providing feedback, support, and guidance throughout the training during scheduled phone calls. At the completion of the program, you will have access to Cogmed Extended Training, which will allow you to sharpen your increased working memory skills and verify how the results hold over time.

What are the Results?

The Cogmed Working Memory Training program has been the focus of numerous research studies conducted at research institutes and major universities. Presently, 23 studies have been published in peer reviewed scientific journals. This research base has led The American Academy of Pediatrics to recognize Working Memory training as an evidence-based intervention for ADHD.

Published research has shown that Cogmed Working Memory Training:

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How Do I Know if Cogmed Working Memory Training Will Help Me or a Family Member?

As qualified Cogmed coaches, we will consult with you or a family member to determine if there are weaknesses in working memory and to assist you in creating an environment in which the program is mostly likely to be successful.

Where Can I Get Further Information About Working Memory Training?
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